Later and Earlier

I have been quiet for a while with words.  Lupine remains fully in view with everything I do. It is fine and it is difficult. The passing of time and the end of an era is always stark but the work and life itself is meant to be digested and assimilated and back into the body and heart of life and myself.

I heard from friends that Lupi’s ashes were taken to the Gila where we used to live and my friend’s husband brought and elk bone that Lupine eagerly looked forward too when she saw him and they brought some flowers and launched her ashes down the Gila.

The book that I am reading by Martin Prechtel describes a set of rituals for grief and praise; The Smell of Rain on Dust. It is remarkable how I have gone through these various aspects he talks about with Lupine at death and now with her ashes. He mentions the ocean as a last place to visit with a grief friend and I will do that in California and have dear friends that will accompany me at that time. I trust that will be possible for Lupine and myself.

I am letting death inform life, grief inform praise each day with Lupine and life.



One thought on “Later and Earlier

  1. jeri1navya2 April 24, 2015 / 6:38 pm

    beautiful Nanda I love the photo too. going to Kevins with P tomorrow, for a lesson. xo


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