Tesuque Snow Day

Out by the opera there is an arroyo, it is riddled with bunny tracks and deer. Lupine comes to life running and sniffing into the snow. It is her thrill. I want to just let her run all over but in the past she has found biker up off the trail and onto the road and shared the living pooky out of her and made a woman fall down screaming with three dogs on a leash as Lupine bounded around them barking and nuts, so, she is on leash. Nothing has ever come to blows but she remains impressive her cock and bull displays in front of bikes and other dogs. But today we have the arroyo to ourselves and so I track her on a lead and she raring to go until I am about skiing on the trail. I am happy to see her happy, in her element a tawny halfbreed in winter happy to be the mix of energies she was born with and displays through out the day as we wander in the arroyo.

_DSC0010-3 _DSC0009-3 _DSC0007-5 _DSC0019-4


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