July 25,2017

Someone is following me and I received a notice. I know it is Lupine. I am working on an exhibit for First Friday in Santa Cruz and it is going to be about sanctuary and recovery as themes. It is about wolves and ravens and the panels I painted about both of these things after Lupine’s death are being touched up and one of her in buff and tawny colors on a piece of masonite board. I call the piece”wolfdog dreaming of her ancestry.” I found  today my small painted panel of Lupine looking up at me with this “I know you are kidding look” but I am willing to play along with you stare. I think of how well she understood the prankster in me as I did the trickster in her. I will have seventy pieces that will comprise the show harboring several themes that unroll the story of the heart of nature in my life, a sense of place and the land of New Mexico and meeting wolves and ravens because of Lupine in my life. The story will be about what is a sanctuary for wolves that can no longer be free, and the potential recovery  for wolves where wolves might have a chance to be free again, and also of ravens that were rescued, and ravens and crows that occupy the electrical lines in California and are free, and eventually the show brings the viewer to local birds from tree to sea.

I have asked the stalwart organizations to offer some brochures I can have at the event opening so that I can help with their work that night, and I will have some edited video taken from various footage and from the film “Living with Wolves” by Jim and Jamie Dutcher that I have made into short pieces I call “wolf commercials” that cover topics like; dispelling the myths of wolves that harm us from seeing their/the wolves, true nature. The video segement include science about concepts of synergy and keystore species to simply family life of wolves, and the innate social creatures wolves are in life.

It is a small offering for a large concern about the future of the natural world and its inhabitants, wolves in particular but at the top of the list for the needs of a healthy environment are the continuing life, and work of predators . Wolves play a major role in this endeavor. All of these ideas I have learned from people much wiser then myself and because of knowing Lupine. This is a small payback for those how have worked so hard to help to protect, and save wolves.-30-3.jpg

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